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Lima Taxiway
The Lima Taxiway project scope included 5,824 LF demolition, removal and disposal of existing asphalt pavement, PCC sub grade, taxiway lighting, concrete light bases and duct banks. The scope for new construction consisted of Lima Taxiway, Intersecting Runway 18-36, Taxiway M and Taxiway N with new subgrade construction consisting of 8" soil cement layer, 4" drainage layer, 75' wide & 19.5" thick heavy load airfield pavement and 25' wide asphalt shoulders to meet the UFC airfield standards for heavy aircrafts. The other scopes of work consisted of the installation new subgrade drainage system for Lima Taxiway with cleanouts, replacement of existing storm drainage system in project area, grading, and pavement edges within the project area as needed for smooth drainage. Remarked all runways and taxiways within the project limits. Added sod and mulch to the Lima Taxiway edges and seeding of the complete project area including the haul routes and concrete plant area. The electrical work involved complete demolition of the existing taxiway and intersections. For impacted circuit, installed new home runs including the manholes/hand holes, concrete duct banks from vault to back, and new airfield lighting. Installed 184 new lights for taxiway and intersection lighting as per new requirements. The project was completed in 5 phases to coordinate the air field and parking apron operations within the project area. The project was completed in 9 months of field operations