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Automated Infantry Squad Battle Course
The Infantry Squad Battle Course at Range 61 is located in Ocean County of Fort Dix, NJ. The primary function of ISBC is to train and test infantry platoons, either mounted or dismounted, on the skills necessary to conduct tactical movement techniques, detect, identify, engage and defeat stationary and moving infantry and stationary and moving armor targets in a tactical array. The ISBC Range occupies an area of ground approximately 45 acres. The primary features consists of targetry, ROCA facilities, erosion control, demolition, storm drainage, infiltration basins, site grading, earth work, and primary and secondary power, communication to targets, lighting protection to buildings, a down range aggregate road, site and flag pole restoration, bollards, aggregate parking at ROC and a chain link fence at ROC tower etc.

ISBC Support facility As part of this task the following were built:
• Operations/Storage Building: Storage and Operation of Range , Masonry and SSMR roofing
• Ammo Breakdown Building: Ammunition issue/Break down building Masonry and SSMR roofing
• ROC Tower: Control Center for all the target operations. Structural Steel and Wall panel and SSMR roof, 27’ above ground with Galvanized stairs and railing with observation area.
• Bleacher Enclosure: Pre-engineered building with bleachers
• Covered Mess: Pre-engineered building with Dining and serving table
• Dual-Sex Latrine: For Men and Women, Farmed structure with wall panels and SSMR roof.