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Hotel Taxiway
This project involved the completion approximately 4,800 LF of shoulders on each side of the concrete paved taxiway and correction of the previously installed airfield lighting for the Hotel Taxiway. Work included removal of vegetation, completion of storm water drainage, relocation of taxiway lighting, re-grade and compact soil, add DGA and grade and compact, bituminous paving of shoulders and taxiway stripping. The project was spread over 112 acres and involved the following:

• Installed and maintained Erosion Control measures like silt fence, construction fence, silt barriers along the proposed Taxiway H. Removed and disposed of the same at completion of the project

• Removed, loaded and disposed of various & previously demolished stockpiled debris at various locations of the project site.

• Strom Drainage components of the project involved were to excavate, furnish and install oil water separator, cast in place manhole and connecting the installed Oil Water Separator and Manhole by using a 36” diameter RCP pipe.

• Miscellaneous repairs of previously installed 36” RCP pipes & repaired damaged catch basin frame and covers, etc.

• Saw cut and remove concrete pavements, concrete spelling and pop outs. Clean the concrete joints and install new pavement joints.

• Excavate 4800 LF of trench on either side of the Taxiway “H,” install Taxiway lights including all demolition and construction work required to install and make functional. The taxiway lights along Taxiway H had to be within the project limits. The work involved installing new light cans, conduit and wiring, blanking off existing lights, installing new lights on approximately 100 taxiway lights including snow guards, and testing and ensuring the lighting system works.

• Concrete airfield pavement of 12” thick was installed including all excavation, grading, sub base, concrete work for approximately 4600 square feet at the connection of Taxiway H with the existing ramp to Dix Army Airfield including joints and finishing.

• Earth Work activity involved re-grading of the Taxiway H shoulders pavement edge drain, Re-shape and re-compact existing DGA sub-grade, install RDM layer, DGA layer, and bituminous binder and surface courses, and complete pavement edge drain junction boxes and headwalls.

• Site Restoration work involved re-shape the adjacent soil areas along both sides of Taxiway H to provide positive drainage, load, haul and spread topsoil from existing stock piles on site, and provide seed and mulch to turf areas. About 31 acres of site restoration of performed.

• Layout survey for pavement marking and to install taxiway centerline and edge striping and heliport ‘H’ as indicated on Taxiway H and the existing Dix Army Airfield.