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Dormitories 2622, 2623, 2624
The project included a complete interior renovation and some exterior renovations. Major items included utility upgrades and repairs for HVAC, electrical, plumbing and communications.The HVAC system consisted of a two pipe hydronic heating system to a four pipe system. Replaced mechanical room components, fain coil units, control valves and thermostats in each room Determine feasibility of integrated thermostatic controls with occupancy sensors for sleeping areas. Asbestos abatement that included floor tile and pipe insulation was completed since the dorm was built in 1955. Fire suppression repaired and replaced along with an installation entire new Fire Alarm system.

Electrical system included replacing entire electrical service and distribution. Replaced of light/fan ceiling fixtures in sleeping quarters and provided new main electrical service panel s and replace subpanels. For plumbing, provided isolation valves for non-potable water distribution system and replaced pipe insulation above the corridor ceiling and replaced the acoustical tile. Also provided internet connectivity in selected day rooms.Complete Major interior renovations completed in all sleeping quarters, stairwells, bathrooms and corridors by replacing majority of windows and sheet rock, and all doors. Removal of all wall paper and application of mold resistant paint to all rooms was completed. Carpet and floor tiles in sleeping quarters and corridors were removed and replaced long with replacing all stair-treads.

Bathroom repairs included a comprehensive bathroom renovation. All bathroom replacement of all exhaust fans with sufficiently sized units. Removal of wall paper and apply mold resistant paint, replace tub surrounds and replacement of tiles. Faucets, diverters, water closets, light fixtures and vanity lighting were also replaced. Old tiles removed and new tiling installed.

Roof was repaired by removing asphalt shingles around vent stacks, exhaust fans, and flashing to all penetrations on the roof and installed all new flashings and counter flashing. Revoked and replaced damaged plywood around penetrations, and re-installed new asphalt shingles, new felt paper underlayment, installation of ice & water shield.